Reflecting on 2020
Lastmod: 2021-03-10

Nutritional Information

The main item of news today is that we’ve launched display of nutritional information in the application. Not all – and in fact, not many – recipes that we’ve collected so far have nutritional information included alongside them, but when present that information will now be displayed in the search results.

We’re currently refreshing (or ‘reindexing’ as we call it within the team) the recipe data on RecipeRadar, and more nutritional information will appear as this process continues.

Reflection on 2020

Rather than provide a lengthy update this week, we’re going to reflect on some of the features added during the year.

During 2020 we’ve added:

  • Smarter ‘partial’ name matching during ingredient search

  • Recipe yield scaling

  • A recipe detail page that can be shared via hyperlink

  • Dietary properties (vegetarian, dairy-free, …) in recipe search results

  • Filtering of search results by recipe website

  • Tolerance for spelling errors during ingredient search

  • A recipe ’explore’ view that provides simple yes/no ingredient prompts

  • …and last but not least, rendering of nutritional information

We were a touch optimistic on some of our planned roadmap, but that’s ok; work will recommence fresh next year, and perhaps we’ll be better prepared to plan future tasks with the added experience of hindsight.