Updated search control designs, and de-duplication of recipes
Lastmod: 2021-03-10

The last two weeks have involved quality improvements, design prototyping, and preparatory work as we prepare to introduce more contributors to RecipeRadar.

Have you experienced any ingredient shortages or price changes during the coronavirus pandemic?

In future we hope that RecipeRadar will automatically offer information on local ingredient availability, seasonality, and pricing. This and other plans will be detailed in an upcoming roadmap document.

Design Iteration

As you may have seen on the mailing list, Monica has been preparing screens to provide an improved search experience in the application.

A design for updated search controls

These are exciting changes and they provide the opportunity to make each RecipeRadar session more intuitive and rewarding.


A long-standing issue that allowed duplicate recipes to appear in search results has been thoroughly solved!

The solution took some careful planning and implementation, and is documented for future reference.

If you see anything that looks unusual while using RecipeRadar, please feel free to report an issue via the ‘Feedback’ button in the app, or directly on GitHub.

Call for Developers

We’re looking for more software developers to help implement features and improvements for RecipeRadar.

Alongside the Code of Conduct mentioned in the last update, we now also have a set of Contribution Guidelines to help developers (and other contributors) get started in the most effective way possible.

If you know any software developers who are looking for projects to contribute to, please send them our way. Soon we’ll also be ready to invite help from anyone who can offer translations of the application into different languages.

Although we don’t currently offer financial compensation, we can offer attribution and credit for work provided, and I’d personally be glad to supply references for any work contributed to RecipeRadar when people are applying for jobs in future.

PWA Store

RecipeRadar has been submitted for inclusion in the Progressive Web App Store!

The PWA Store is similar to the iOS App Store and Android Play Store that you are more likely to be familiar with, and offers web-based applications that you can install for free on your own devices.

Coming up next

One of the features we’re most excited about is the inclusion of more ingredient context in recipe search results.

Where you would previously have seen a recipe call simply for onions, in future you’ll see the full ingredient description, such as large onions, diced.

The ingredient name will continue to be highlighted so that you can see at-a-glance how many ingredients match in each search result.

Thanks again to Citra for reporting this issue – it should soon be resolved thanks to a lot of preparatory work behind-the-scenes.